my personal Doom Emacs configuration
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;;; ~/.doom.d/packages.el
;; org-mode related
(package! org-caldav :pin "8569941a0a5a9393ba51afc8923fd7b77b73fa7a")
(package! org-super-agenda :pin "fb5e2ef277bc811a3b061106c99e4c47b6b86f80")
(package! anki-editor :pin "546774a453ef4617b1bcb0d1626e415c67cc88df")
(package! org-analyzer :pin "19da62aa4dcf1090be8f574f6f2d4c7e116163a8")
(package! websocket)
(package! org-roam-ui
:pin "fb8a3eae55a7d7859455b23962448e276b8204bb"
:recipe (:host github
:repo "org-roam/org-roam-ui"
:branch "main"
:files ("*.el" "out")))
;; other
(package! string-inflection
:pin "e9f548606e3d56b58874b4d664cfd71d0b06a42c"
:recipe (:host github
:repo "akicho8/string-inflection"
:branch "master"))
(package! mathpix
:pin "1ce2d4aa7708271cf60ec929688c1ce420c3fc86"
:recipe (:host github
:repo "jethrokuan/mathpix.el"
:branch "master"))
(package! lsp-tailwindcss
:pin "8b45d5ab6ad41f881ef52983d6906193736e6f41"
:recipe (:host github
:repo "merrickluo/lsp-tailwindcss"
:branch "master"))
;; I don't like solaire-mode
(package! solaire-mode :disable t)